We have trained professionals who have over two decades of networking knowledge ready to analyse and install a bespoke network for your company, this will enable the average organisation to have less reliance upon a single computer systems via resource sharing such items as printers faxes scanners and other peripherals.


Networking systems together propagates data sharing and unified backups. We can design, build and implicate system from a pier to pier two PC system to a WAN client server based system spread multinational throughout around the world.




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Need a wired or wireless network ?

A computer network is composed of multiple computers connected together using a telecommunication system for the purpose of sharing data, resources and communication. For instance, a home computer network may consist of two or more computers that share files and a printer using the network. The size and scalability of any computer network are determined by the hardware used as well as which protocols are being implemented.

We understand networks and we know how important sharing data, applications and devices are to life in our digital world. From the simplest home network (sharing documents, music, printer & Internet connection), through to large scale enterprise networks, we can take care of your requirements.


Call today to get a free quote for your network! Our project managers will give you a range of solutions for your networking needs, from low cost and budget constrained networks through to technologically state of the art, networks.


Does your office need a new computer network?
Small Business Consulting and Networking

· Strategic IT Consulting

· Remote support

· Server and Networking expertise

· Manage relationships with IT-related vendors such as phone systems

· Disaster Recovery Contingency Planning

· Network-wide security assessment and auditing

· New office setups

· Workstation Adds/Moves

· User settings migrations

· Data Recovery

· After-hours and Weekend support

· Monthly maintenance agreements


Home Networking
Home Office Networking
Small Office Consulting and Networking
Network Setup
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Business Network - Home Network
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Types of Networks

For any of these types of service we include Free on-site visit and quote within 5 mile

radius of our office. For other areas please call us for a quote.



· Is your Email system not working?

· Are your staffs unable to work because of network problems?

· Is Your Windows Server down?

· Corporate computer support can't fix your networking problem?

· Install a New Router, Switch, Firewall or Server?

· Switching Internet providers and need help migrating?

· Complete network security audits

· Network design and installation

· Network hardware repair and troubleshooting


· Wired and Wireless Computer Networking

· General Computer Security Consulting and Planning

· Virus and Spy ware Removal

· Scheduled and Priority Service

· Automated backups

· New computer setups

· Recommendations on brands and vendors of computer-related services

· Affordable data recovery

· Proactive maintenance

· Data transfer