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Servicing or repairing your laptop can sometimes be a complex issue.

We know the laptop repair business; we have been professionals in the UK laptop industry for years.

We repair and service of almost all makes of laptop, from the well known brands of Sony Vaio, Dell, and Toshiba to bespoke specialist units.

When we repair or service your laptop, we diagnose the problem, this entails a detailed review. Our engineers can repair down to component level. We have the skill set to service or replace anything from a CD Rom to a motherboard component.

Most laptop hardware faults can't be repaired on site. These need to be taken to our repair facility where we have the equipment and components to perform any work necessary.



Inverter board repair:

A dim display with your laptop monitor could just be that you just need a new CCFL component replaced upon the circuit board, which can easily be done by us. We can in fact repair nearly all Inverter circuit boards.

We go far beyond most repair shops. We can replace IC Integrated circuits, cmos, transistors, semiconductors, zener diodes, resistors - banks, memory socket replacement, audio socket refit, regulators, chokes & filters, we repair all surface mount components, electrolytic capacitors, caps, triacs, thyristors & fuses.

Whether it’s a Micropower Voltage Regulator, like the one found on Compaq's LP2950 8 pin IC, or just a bad Zener diode, we can get you back to work, fast.


Laptop Keyboard Repair Specialists:

The laptop keyboard is composed of smaller and more fragile parts than a desktop keyboard and, on a heavily used laptop, it can be damaged easily. Unlike the keys on a desktop keyboard, which can usually be removed and reinserted without a problem, the laptop keyboard key retaining clips often end up broken if they are removed.

We can repair or replace your laptop keyboard. Thankfully, what seems to be a common problem is dust and dirt getting inside the keyboard and causing it to malfunction To clean it properly the keyboard will need to be physically removed from the rest of the laptop and a precise details cleaning can then be done.


So you've discovered the awful truth – Mac’s do break down and need repair or servicing from time to time. Poking around in your Mac is never a good idea.

Dont panic! We can help!!


Regardless of whether you own an Apple Macintosh laptop like an iBook or PowerBook or an desktop like an iMac, eMac, G3, G4 or a G5, our engineers can solve your problems.

We provide a full range of repairs, upgrades and servicing for Macs. Amongst the range of Mac hardware we commonly repair and upgrade are:



· Cracked screens

· Replacement keyboards

· Power socket issues

· Boot problems

· Freezing or locking up

· Over heating

· Data recovery

· Password recovery


types of repair services available
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Being one of the only companies in East London with over 15 years experience of repairing both PC system and Apple Mac units we are the market leader in in-house repairs, we offer a no nonsense, honest and reliable service and should any parts be required, the most cost effective replacements can be installed direct from our extensive stock.  We are discrete and you can be assured any data we have access to will treated in confidence and not leave our premises

Whether your PC problem is hardware or software related, one of our technicians can call out at your home or business with all required tools and testing hardware. The problem will be diagnosed and explained to you in plain English and what has to be done to rectify it. You will be given a quote and an estimated time frame.

Many problems can be fixed / solved on-site. However the more extensive or complex jobs may have to be carried out at our workshop. If this is the case, your PC will be returned back to you at the earliest possible time. Most callouts are carried out the very same day, otherwise within a 24 hour period, this of course depending on our workload.





Small problems could mean big trouble in the future - they might be affecting the way you work, or just annoying you! We can come and solve your hardware and software related problems.

PC servicing / repair doesn’t just mean hardware failure and hardware support. Many times computers break down due to software problems or software/driver incompatibility.

Our PC engineers are experienced in all versions of Miscrosoft Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000, 2000 Server, Server 2003, XP, XPMC and Vista.